»Zeichen der Nacht, vers. 3«

Claas Hanson

»Zeichen der Nacht, vers. 3«

for various instruments, electronic & active audience

A look at the stars inspired not only loving, even musicians have the sound of the stars, the spheres harmony repeatedly made the object of their compositions.

»Zeichen der Nacht«, version III evolved the preceding version into a soundperformance with additional multi-channel sound playback and an active audience, which was invited to move through the room and distributed concert situation, seize an instrument and add themselve to the acusmatic soundtrip.

Starting from Mission Control, we visited different star constellations, passed through a worm hole and entered the vast an calm star ocean.

// Available on the album »Abandoned Pieces«…


Fotos: © Claas Hanson

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