»Horarium« Klanginstallation

»Horarium. Aus den Studenbüchern«

for oboe, voice, organ & electronic (performance) for speakers (multi-channel installation)

The monastic tradition to structure the day in to hours of prayer and music led to the draw up of Horariums. They give the timetable for the canonical hours and document also the origins of the western art of music.

This piece is a modern reflection of churchmusic history and the pan-cultural praise of god through music. It was performed and recorded in the old cloister of the main-abbey of Essen, Germany. A place of contemplation and a place to open up the mind and senses.

The ancient instruments of chruchmusic (organ, voice and winds) are confronted with the electronic noise and disturbances of modern times.

The Horarium was a commissioned composition for the catholic world youth day in 2005 and realized in two stages. The main composition combined technique of the gregorian musicology with that of serial music. I literally formed out books full of linear melody-structures in the tradition of the gregorian tropus, which were used for the instrumental performances:

Recorded together with long lasting takes of the pure ambient sound in the old cloister, sitting in the heart of a modern city.

The material was then arranged into modern interpretations of the traditinal forms of monastic prayer and singing. Repeating itself day after day in an ongoing practice, the lingering sound filled the access balcony, creating an atmosphere of timeless contemplation.

// A record is available from EXIT records

Foto: © Claas Hanson