»General Pause«

Annette Hartmann, Claas Hanson & Martin Lücke

Familienkonzert »General Pause sucht die Stille«

thematic concert for young people
for acting voices & orchestra

The lovingly told tale of General Pause, who seeks a place of silence in the modern world and the world of music, raises the awareness of children aged 6 – 10 for the conscious hearing of music and introduces them to modern worlds of sound. Our original version is designed for a classical orchestra and actors, but the piece may also be presented in the versions as a radio / audio play, or, when fewer protagonists are available, as an arrangement for actors and pre-recorded music. The concept is targeted at all classical music halls offering family and children’s concerts, concert presenters, music educators and school projects.

In a world that has become unbearably loud, General Pause is looking for a silence. Even in music, he can no longer find a place for himself. He embarks on a voyage through the world of music. While travelling, he meets numerous characteristic figures like the great French artist Kollar, Arthur and his dog Bell Canto, and the venerable knight Dando. With the help of Sir Dando, General Pause finally manages to achieve harmony between music and silence.

The individual pieces performed in this concert serve both to characterize the protagonists and to propel the action forward. A selection of contemporary compositions appropriate for children introduces a young audience to music that is hardly ever heard in family concerts, for instance “Desi” by Michael Daugherty (1995), or a moment of absolute silence inspired by John Cage’s 4’33”.
Cast and technical requirements

The performance of this concert requires two actors (General Pause and a narrator) and utilizes prefabricated illustrations. Technical details may be customized depending on the performance venue. In addition to the original event, a classical orchestra concert, we also offer a version without orchestra (for example for use in schools) and an arrangement as a radio / audio play.
Performance time

Approximately 45 to 50 minutes.
Idea and Concept

Annette Hartmann, Claas Hanson, Martin Lücke


Fotos: © Hartmann | Hanson | Lücke